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Why Choose

Ed Green Construction

Ed Green Construction is proud to stand in the field with those performing quality construction work in Colorado and we humbly admit that we are only one.

So Why Choose Ed Green Construction?

     We have been engaged in construction trades through 4 generations, and a fully recognizable version of our current company came to life in 1976. We became fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau in 1981 and have consistently held an A+ Rating. Articles of incorporation with the State of Colorado were filed in 1992 and we have been recognized in "good standing" by the Secretary of State offices since.

"Ed Green Construction Company Sets The Standard for Industry Proven Reliability!"

     Our knowledge base and our deep understanding of the industry in Colorado gives us the ability to navigate in the construction landscape in a way that is not only efficient but highly profitable for our clients. In fact, feedback from our clientele points to our experienced,  professionally established and well connected network in construction trades and our combined 125 years in Colorado's construction industry  as being a primary factor in their projects success!

We are a Veteran Owned, Family Operated, Native Colorado Construction Company with a track record of Quality that is supported by continuous Accreditation and Licensing. Combined with a consistently increasing, significant bonding capacity that demonstrates our financial stability, it will come as no surprise that a large percentage of our business is generated by "word of mouth" and professional referral!