Ed Green Construction Co. has been building our Colorado communities in the government, professional, public, private and non-profit sectors through 4 generations of construction projects, large and small.​

Our foundation is set in superior craftsmanship, integrity and reliability. This supports the framework for our network of industry trades-persons, artisans and agencies that help to shape our continuing legacy; and with our experienced, dedicated team of  construction management professionals, we guarantee the  workmanship to ensure your satisfaction.

​We are driven to continuously improve and maintain our project teams and client relationships old and new, as well as our reputation as a leading General Contractor in Colorado.

Plans and Cranes

Around 2010, Fred’s eldest son Josh Green (pictured above as a toddler) stepped into a co-ownership role after the company fought hard for a few years against an economic tide that saw many others in the industry disappear. They remained loyal to their loyal staff and have brought in people that have the same set of principles, the same loyalty, the same integrity, dedication and skill.

Over the last decade this “family ethics” business model has demonstrated steady growth for the company and Josh Green has even formed a sister company in the Ed Green Construction Co family of brands. Braylen Homes is the namesake in the residential sector of the construction industry of his first born, and the skill of the family of brands and its dedicated staff, built the beautiful home where his family now lives, in Colorado Springs Upper Skyway neighborhood as well as the one where they previously resided in Crystal Park.

Four Generations of Construction Excellence

In the mid-seventies, Ed Green welcomed his own son Fred home after Fred’s honorable discharge from duty with the U.S Navy during the Vietnam War. Fred stepped into the Green family legacy and Ed Green & Son Construction was born. During the years that followed Ed Green and Son Construction continued its growth in size, reputation and expertise.


Fred started a family of his own and the Green family tradesmen built the house Fred’s own children grew up in. (Pictured on the left).


 In 1994, shortly after Ed Green passed away, Fred took the wheel at the helm and changed the company name to Ed Green Construction Co. in honor of his dad.


Around 1919, at the age of 16, Ira Green headed west to follow his dreams. His path led to Carbondale, Colorado where he put his skills to use and it wasn’t long before he realized the need in his area for a Carpenter. He settled in and started a small business building structures for the local residents. During the 1920’s, he completed many homes and commercial buildings up and down the Roaring Fork River Valley.  By the 1930’s he was raising a growing family and growing his building skills to include infrastructure. Ira built many of the railroad bridges from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, westward.


The Green family construction business traces its roots to the turn of the 20th century. A young man working at his father’s wagon wheel shop in St. Louis, Missouri was gaining skills that would be the beginning of a 4 generation history of construction trades.


Ira’s son Ed Green completed his tour of duty as a US marine during WWII and joined his father’s company not long after. Ed settled in Fountain, Colorado and he like his father, recognized the need in his area for skilled general construction. So Ed, Ira and several other business partners formed a construction company and over the next twenty years, everyone in the organization consistently provided the highest quality of workmanship, integrity and attention to customer satisfaction.


The company grew; its reputation as experts in general construction grew and its stature in the community grew and began reaching farther and farther into the surrounding areas.

Fred and Josh tell a story or two now and then about their “Adventures in Construction”.

Pack mules stocked with tools and a hike up the side of Cheyenne Mountain complete with Air force helicopter drops of generators and materials to build communication antennae for AT&T. Josh taking a tumble into the foundation area of the fireplace at his dad’s house during its construction in Penrose. The stories all ring with the same tone.

The Green family at Ed Green Construction Co. and Braylen Homes are an organization that works, sweats, plays, laughs; that lives, breathes and sometimes bleeds construction. They are a family of dedicated professional tradesmen, craftsmen…artisans and experts and from the smallest concrete form and set jobs to multi-million dollar development plans, Ed Green Construction Co brings every bit of their 4 generations of experience to every single project.